Chip’s Espresso Martini
perfected over the years, using a blend of licor 43, kahlua, vodka & fresh roasted locale blend 141
Chip’s Pirate Mojito
chip’s signature - lots of lime, lots of mint & stolen gold rum for that extra spice, a local treasure!
Amaretto / Whiskey Sours
disaronno or jameson, bitters, fresh lemon juice, egg white and maraschino cherry
Basic Bish
vodka, fresh berries, lime and ginger ale
Bloody Mary
vodka, tomato juice, house-made spice mix garnished with a pickle
Miss Damena
kahlua, frangelico, baileys and almond milk garnished with coco (nut free option)
Aperol Spritz
aperol, sparkling wine topped with soda, garnished with orange
Bloody Elders Fizz
blood orange cointreau, fiorente elderflower liquor and sparkling wine, with orange
Old Fashioned
whiskey, bitters and brown sugar, garnished with orange
Old Fashioned - topshelf edition
whiskey, bitters and brown sugar, garnished with orange
Long Island Iced Tea
vodka, memo gin, cointreau, tequila, stolen white rum, a dash of cola, garnished with lemon
Lychee Martini
vodka, soho liquor and lychee juice, garnished with fresh lychees
Fountain Of Youth
hendricks gin, rosewater, cucumber and egg white garnished with cucumber